These General Terms and Conditions lay down the rules for the process of ordering, concluding a distance contract, payment and delivery of products, and return and complaints about goods or products which can be bought in the web shop – electronic point of sale, at the websites and

The Seller is the company CREOGEN d.o.o. za usluge, Zagreb, Buzinska cesta 6, registered in the court register of the Commercial Court of Zagreb, MBS: 080678442, OIB: 84253633225. The Seller’s e-mail address is:

The Customer is the visitor of the websites of CREOGEN d.o.o. as Seller. The Customer as registered user or visiting guest chooses one or several products from the Seller’s offer, fills in the necessary order form and forwards the order to the Seller. The Customer can be a legal entity or natural person, but only natural person of age and having legal capacity.

The provisions of the Consumer Protection Act relating to the conclusion of distance contracts (Art. 57-59 of the Consumer Protection Act, official gazette Narodne novine 41/2014, 110/2015) and other valid regulations apply to the purchase of products.


For using the services of the Seller’s website it is necessary that the Purchaser provides accurate data to the Seller – name and surname, residence address and delivery address, e-mail address and other. The Customer shall be liable for accuracy and completeness of the data necessary to order products.

The Customer agrees that CREOGEN d.o.o. as Seller may use the Purchaser’s data for sending promotional and administrative e-mails and for processing payments and analysing data on shopping via the Seller’s websites.

The Seller undertakes to collect only such data about the Customer which are necessary for fulfilling its obligations towards the Customer and undertakes to disclose such data only to the employees of delivery services and not to forward or disclose them to third parties, except in cases when it is obliged to do so during inspections carried out by competent authorities.

The Customer may at any moment send a request to the Seller for change of his/her personal data, by sending an e-mail to the address, in which he/she shall state his/her name and surname, address and e-mail address and the notification to the Seller which data are to be amended or which data the Customer would like to supplement.

The web shop registration can be made by the Customer for one person only, using one e-mail address. Amending and sharing user account data with third parties is not allowed. Otherwise, the Seller may terminate the Customer’s registration and user account without previous notice and without any reimbursement obligation to the Customer.


The declaration of each product within the Seller’s offer is published in the web shop. For more details please see the separate title USE OF PRODUCTS.




The Customer orders products in the web shop via an electronic order form, as a registered user or as a guest. Exceptionally, it is possible to order via e-mail, however it is recommended to order using the electronic form. Orders via phone are not possible.

The Customer selects products which he/she puts into the Shopping Cart. After being selected, the product name, price and ordered quantity are displayed. The displayed product price is inclusive of VAT. The delivery price is calculated for delivery outside of the Republic of Croatia.

The goods are considered to have been ordered when the Customer selects (a) product(s) and forwards the order to the Seller with confirmed payment method. After receiving the order, the Seller shall send to the Customer a confirmation e-mail on the order made, which is when the contract is considered to be concluded. Orders shall be processed within 2 (two) business days, and the Seller undertakes to send the package in another 2 (two) business days as of processing of the order. The Seller undertake will strive to fulfil its obligation as fast as possible.

In case there are not enough products in stock, the Seller shall deliver the available quantity and shall inform the Customer of the delivery term of the remaining products ordered. The Customer can accept or cancel the order of the remaining products.


After the Customer selects products and puts them into the Shopping Cart, the following payment methods will be offered. All prices are in kunas (HRK) – the Croatian national currency. The price is inclusive of VAT.

The Customer can pay the products:

  • In cash – to the courier, in case of cash-on-delivery purchase;
  • By payment to the bank account of:

Company name : CREOGEN d.o.o.

Company address: Buzinska cesta 6, 10000 Zagreb

State: Croatia

(bank transfer/general payment slip/internet banking)


Bank address :  Jurišićeva 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

account No./IBAN: HR4423900011100366788



The payment must be carried out in one instalment. Any possible bank costs arising during money transfer shall be borne by the Customer in full.

With regard to payment for goods by Customers abroad, conversion of the Croatian national currency applies, and the Customer can use the prices in EUR published in the web shop for the calculation. Due to price calculation, minor differences in the amounts can occur as compared to the price stated on the website. The cost of a possible fee which may be charged to the Customer’s account due to currency conversion shall be borne by the Customer.


The seller uses the registered mail service of HRVATSKA POŠTA d.d. for delivery abroad and within Croatia.

Delivery in Croatia – the package is delivered within 1-5 (one to five) business days. As a rule, the package is delivered the next day already. Delivery to the islands takes 5 (five) work days on average.

The delivery costs are not charged in Croatia.

Delivery abroad – up to 14 work days depending on the place of delivery.

The costs of delivery abroad are charged pursuant to the following price list, depending on the package weight:

Weight 50-100 grams HRK 36.00
Weight 100 – 250 grams HRK 59.00
Weight over 250 grams To be agreed upon enquiry per e-mail


After the Seller hands over the package to the delivery service, the Seller shall not be liable for possible delays or problems in delivery. If the Customer does not receive the goods within the expected time, the Customer shall inform the Seller thereof, so the Seller can undertake measures for tracking the package or sending a replacement package.

If the package is returned to the Seller because the Customer refused to accept or take over the package, or if the Customer is unavailable and the package cannot be delivered, or the courier could not find the Customer at the stated address, or if for other reasons by Customer’s fault the package is not taken over, the Seller shall refund the paid amount, minus the costs of delivery and return, within 14 (fourteen) days as of the return of the goods.


The products are delivered in original packaging, packed in compliance with all sanitary rules, in plastic packaging with protective cap or closed protective stopper, in carton with a plastic insert for capsules and protective aluminium foil (blister packaging), or in plastic or aluminium bags with protection or protective seal. The products cannot be damaged by usual handling during transport. When taking over the goods, the Customer is obliged to check for possible damage and make a complaint to the courier who delivered the goods, or refuse to take over the package on which external damage of objects are visible.

With his/her signature confirming the takeover of products and the delivery of the package, the Customer also confirms that the package did not have any damages which could be immediately observed and that there the full ordered quantity was delivered.

If the Customer has opened a product which was in original packaging by removing the protective part or any protective packaging element, the product cannot be returned to the Seller due to sanitary reasons.

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Customer can send his/her complaint on the quality of the services and/or goods to the e-mail or in writing to the address: CREOGEN d.o.o. Buzinska 6, 10000 Zagreb. The complaint must include the address and data for provision of the response to the complaint, which the Seller shall provide in accordance with the law. The Seller informs the customers that disputes can be resolved via the online dispute resolution platform:


The Customer can unilaterally terminate the contract without stating any reasons within 14 (fourteen) days as of the date when the Customer was delivered the package of ordered goods. For more details on the terms of unilateral termination please see: UNILATERAL TERMINATION.


CREOGEN d.o.o. as Seller withholds the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions as well as the content of the website without stating the reasons at any time, without previous notice in any form and shall not be liable for the consequences of such amendments. Before shopping, please review the General Terms and Conditions and other terms published on the website on which you are using the web shop services in order to be familiar with the rules on purchasing and delivery of goods.

In case of ambiguity of stated rules, please contact us with your complaints at and do not use the web shop services in the meantime.


By visiting the websites and, the Customer consents to electronic communication with regard to the use of the web shop and it is considered that any content, notices, contracts concluded and other documents delivered to the Customer have the same legal consequences as if they were in writing.

By using the websites and the Customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions and to the terms published on this website in full.



EU delivery time within 5 days
Rest of the world delivery within 14 days
Free worldwide delivery over 49,00 EUR